Looking to produce a room temperature card?  
                                                                   Look no further!
We are the leading supplier of temperature cards in the UK with great prices and designs.
A temperature card is a very effective way to communicate with your audience.
They are particularly successful when health issues or energy efficiency is at the heart of your campaign.
The cards are normally printed on 350 gsm board with choices of gloss or satin finish.
Our customers often order lamination as well. This increases water resistance and durability,
as well as producing a very attractive 'quality' look and feel.
A liquid crystal display strip is fixed to the front of the card - this reads the ambient temperature. The strips are accurate and long lasting. We have cards still performing reliably on our office walls that were created more than ten years ago!
 We pride ourselves on a quick turn round of your order as soon as we have your artwork finalised. If you wish to update your card in the future we will usually make minor artwork changes free of charge. We also offer low cost delivery in mainland UK.
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